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New Scotland-themed spa treatment launches at Lush Spas in Glasgow and Edinburgh

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Fresh handmade cosmetics company Lush is launching a new spa treatment, inspired by the Highlands of Scotland.

Launching on Friday 1st March, this 60-minute, full body hot stone massage features Highlands spring water, stones carved with ancient Scottish symbols and is choreographed to a soundtrack of Gaelic historical folk songs re-recorded especially for the treatment.

With experiences described as ‘magical’ and ‘like entering another world’, Lush’s secret spas are tucked away above certain shops, offering a number of unique and theatrical treatments, way beyond the average massage – from the cosy, Beatles-themed stretching massage A Hard Day’s Night, to the spellbinding, reflexology-inspired foot and scalp treatment The Spell.

The experience begins with a Scottish stone consultation using 250 million year old Scottish marble, carved with ancient symbols which correspond to various different states of mind. Choose ’the river’ to ebb and flow with life’s twists and turns, ‘simplicity’ to help focus on what matters, or ‘the rainbow’ to embrace hope and joy.

Furze incense scents the treatment room, inspired by the Celtic ritual of ’saining’, when dry branches are burned to cleanse and protect the environment. Designed to connect the client to nature, warm stones are applied and worked at pace across the shoulders, back, arms, legs and feet, aided by a solid massage oil bar infused with mugwort – a Scottish-grown ingredient traditionally used medicinally to settle the nervous system.

’The Highlands’ takes clients on a journey across this magical landscape, beginning in the heather surrounded by nature and birdsong, with the soundtrack and massage movements becoming more rhythmic and vigorous as if hiking up a mountain, until reaching the peak with a burst of fresh air, delivered in the form of cool stones applied gently to pressure points on the face.

Taking inspiration from the rich geological history of Scotland, the hot stones in ‘The Highlands’ are made from natural basalt, commonly found in river beds, used to massage the whole body from head to toe.

The treatment’s soundtrack is inspired by the invigorating spirit of the Highlands and was created to guide clients towards their inner wisdom and peace. Bespoke Gaelic songs are sung by traditional Highlands-based artists, including Scottish folk singers Julie Fowlis and Ewen Henderson. It is also the last piece of work the late musician Simon Emmerson created for Lush, an honoured gift.

The treatment ends with a warming Scottish tea infused with heather, leaving the client feeling comforted and relaxed.

The whole team here is so proud to showcase such a fantastic treatment celebrating the beauty of Scotland. The Highlands is a wonderful massage that is really effective at easing tension in the body with the use of hot basalt stones, and their warmth is so soothing and rejuvenating. 

My favourite part of The Highlands is the journey you go on with the treatment, it being choreographed to such an emotive soundtrack. It encompasses some of the myths, legends, nature and landscape of the beautiful highlands and having it sung in Gaelic makes you feel so rooted in the rich history of Scotland.

jordan bates, spa manager at lush glasgow

The Highlands (60 minutes, £150) launches exclusively at the brand new Lush Spa Glasgow City and Lush Spa Edinburgh on 1st March 2024, before launching in all Lush Spas nationwide in autumn 2024. 

Book via the Lush app, or by contacting Lush Spa Glasgow City on 0141 243 2522 or [email protected], or Lush Spa Edinburgh on 0131 225 4688 or [email protected].

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