Press Release

This year, the Lush Christmas Gifts range has been created with the idea of togetherness in mind after such long periods apart from loved ones, and designed with the intention of providing joy for all who receive them.

Lush has continued the collaboration with Granby workshop with 2 new soap dish designs included. Lush also collaborated with new artists from Into Art and Rocket Artists.

The Lush gift packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and the ribbons are made from 100% recycled polyester using recycled drinks bottles.

The Lush Christmas 2021 collection will be available from 22nd September on and in Lush shops worldwide from 23rd September 2021. For further information please email: [email protected]

Customers can bring back any full-sized Lush plastic packaging to their local Lush shop to be recycled with Lush’s new Bring it Back packaging returns scheme.

For each plastic Lush item returned, customers will receive a 50p deposit to spend on their basket that day.

Knot wraps have multiple uses and ways to wrap them for a reusable gift wrap. Lush’s Knot Wrap Swap programme allows customers to refresh and revitalise their stash. Customers can come in and swap their pre-loved wrap with us to get 50% off a Lush design of the same size!

PR imagery is available to view and download here.

Little Snow Fairy

Ideal for sprinkling a little Snow Fairy magic into your secret Santa, this fit is perfect for those looking for a sweet treat soak.

Contents: -Snow Fairy Bath Bomb -Snow Fairy Shower Gel

£12.00/ €16.00 each


If you’re looking to awaken someone’s senses with something citrusy and zingy, then this zesty duo is perfect. A Christmas gift to uplift and brighten the season.

Contents: -Lime Bounty Body Butter -Baked Alaska Soap

£12.00/ €15.00 each

Sweet Christmas

The perfect Christmas gift or stocking filler for someone looking for sweet candy scented bath products.

Contents: -Butterbear Bath Bomb -Snow Fairy Bubble Bar (100g)

£9.00/ €11.50 each

Celebrate Good Times!

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, Christmas, or Diwali in November, this is the perfect gift to raise your spirits on a chily morning!

Contents: – Jolly Shower Gel – Silver Bell Shower Bomb

£11.00/ €14.00 each

Peace and Love

Give somebody some peace and love with this soothing Christmas gift selection. The products are softening, moisturising, and caring making for a beautifully traditional floral gift.

Contents: -Figs and Leaves Soap -Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion

£11.50/ €14.50 each

Secret Santa

A special Secret Santa gift idea that smells great and will leave their skin feeling soft and refreshed.


Contents: -Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar -Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb

£10.00/ €13.00 each

Christmas Bathtime Bazaar!

This Christmas gift is great for bath bomb lovers who want to enjoy lots of colourful bath art! Looking for Secret Santa ideas? This one is a winner!

Contents: -I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas Bath Bomb -Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

£10.00/ €13.00 each

The Night Before Christmas

A ready made Christmas eve box! This duo of relaxing bath bombs to soothe and relax even the most excited on Christmas Eve.


Contents: -Twilight Bath Bomb -Sleepy Bear Bath Bomb

£9.50/ €12.50 each

You Shall Go To The Ball

Pick up this Christmas gift for a fantastical fairytale bathtime, any of these 3 products will make dreams come true.


Contents: -You Shall Go To The Ball Bath Bomb -Snow Fairy Bath Bomb -Twilight Bath Bomb

£16.00/ €21.00

Winter Warmer

The warming and uplifting scents within this Christmas gift are a perfect comfort for the colder months.


Contents: -Jolly Shower Gel -Orange Pop Bath Bomb -Cinnamon Roll Bubble Bar

£19.00/ €25.00 each

Have A Hippo Christmas

A Christmas gift perfect for kids. Fun filled festive bath times await with this collection of 4 bath bombs, ideal for younger Lush fans.


Contents: -I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas Bath Bomb -Butterbear Bath Bomb -Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb -Sleepy Bear Bath Bomb

£16.00/ €21.00 each

Best Wishes

A quintessentially Christmassy gift, these 3 bath products are wrapped up in classic festive colours, and ideal for wishing your loved ones good cheer and best wishes for the New Year.


Contents: -Hey! Hollywood! Bath Bomb -North Pole Bubble Bar -Jingle Bells Bath Bomb

£19.00/ €24.50 each

Lush Delights

Three fruity shower delights, this Christmas gift is for the perfect morning or evening routine for soft, citrus smelling skin.


Contents: -Plum Duff Shower Gel -Lime Bounty Body Butter -Orange Body Scrub

£19.50/ €25.00 each


For those who love Snow Fairy and want to try out our plastic packaging-free selection of products, then this is the Christmas gift for them.


Contents: -Snow Fairy Soap -Snow Fairy Naked Body Conditioner

£15.00/ €19.50 each

Dreaming of Christmas

Get away from the holiday chaos and dream of a relaxing christmas with this trio of warm, relaxing shower treats for the dreamiest of sleeps


Contents: – Sleepy Body Lotion -Yog Nog Shower Gel – Comfort Zone Shower Bomb

£17.00/ €21.00 each

Christmas Candy Box

Four swirly sugary soaks await in this Christmas gift with a collection of sweet scented products for the bath and shower.


Contents: -Butterbear Bath Bomb -Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar -Snow Fairy Shower Gel -Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb


£20.00/ €26.50  each



There’s no time like Snowtime! 5 playful Christmas products for the bath and body, ideal for fans of snowball fights.

Contents: -Polar Bear Soap -Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb -Snowball Bath Bomb -Blue Fun -Sleepy Bear Bath Bomb

£25.00/ €32.00 each


An uplifting Christmas gift to perk up the season. This brightening selection of shower and body care products are a go-to for fans of Lush’s more citrusy scents.


Contents: -Galaxy Lip Scrub -Lime Bounty Body Butter -Baked Alaska Soap -Snow Fairy Shower Gel -Comfort Zone Shower Bomb

£28.00/ €35.00 each

Snow Fairy

As this Christmas gift is filled with 4 best selling Snow Fairy products, all wrapped up in a reusable sparkly gift box, any fan of sweet scents will sparkle.


Contents: -Snow Fairy Shower Gel -Snow Fairy Bath Bomb -Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar -Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

£25.00/ €32.50 each

Merry Christmas

A traditional and classic selection of Christmas bath bombs, tied up in a luxurious reusable box. One gift that’s guaranteed to make bathtime merry and bright, whether it’s the uplifting scents of zesty Orange Pop and juicy Jingle Bells, minty Hey! Hollywood!, or the sweet and warming Shoot for the Stars.


Contents: -Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb -Jingle Bells Bath Bomb -Orange Pop Bath Bomb -Hey! Hollywood! Bath Bomb

£24.00/ €31.00 each


Something for every bath, it’s a Lush Christmas gift that really keeps on giving, with activities and games to share with family and friends when you’re not enjoying a soak in the tub!


Contents: -North Pole Bubble Bar -Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar -Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb -The Golden Pudding Bath Bomb -Butterbear Bath Bomb -Happy Christmas Lokta Paper Banner

£30.00/ €38.00


Made for anyone who loves spicy scents with products for the bath and shower. This Christmas gift if perfect for anyone who wants warming washes.


Contents: -Good Karma Shower Gel -Lord Of Misrule Shower Gel -Cinnamon Roll Bubble Bar -Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb

£29.00/ €37.50 each

Winter Garden

A Christmas gift filled with floral and fruity shower and body care products, a great choice for those with a shower, and wants to explore a range of Lush products.


Contents: -Plum Duff Shower Gel -Polar Bear Soap -Helping Hands Hand Cream -Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner -Celestial Moisturiser Sample

£29.00/ €37.50 each


10 festive bath bombs for a Lush Christmas gift dream come true, great for a family to share over the festive season or, for one mega bath lover!


Contents: -Hey! Hollywood! Bath Bomb -Jingle Bells Bath Bomb -I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas Bath Bomb -Orange Pop Bath Bomb -Butterbear Bath Bomb -Sleepy Bear Bath Bomb -Snow Fairy Bath Bomb -Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb -You Shall Go To The Ball Bath Bomb -Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb


£50.00/ €65.00 each

Into The Wild

A Christmas gift for all shower lovers and adventurers with products to refresh, clean and care from head to toe.


Contents: -Baked Alaska Soap -New Shampoo Bar -Jolly Shower Gel -Good Karma Shower Gel -Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub -Dirty Body Spray

£50.00/ €64.00 each

Christmas Bliss

A Christmas gift containing a sweet and sleepy set of products for blissful slumbers, this is a great gift for any fans of the iconic Snow Fairy and Sleepy fragrances.



Contents: -Sleepy Soap -Snow Fairy Shower Gel -Sleepy Body Lotion -Snow Fairy Body Spray -Snow Fairy Body Conditioner -Sleepy Shower Bomb

£40.00/ €50.00 each


This Christmas gift contains a combination of best selling products from our all year round range, exclusives from Christmas 2021, and a 100% organic cotton luxury eye mask, as well as Sleepy bath bomb – a gift exclusive!


Contents: -Sleepy Bear Bath Bomb -Sleepy Bath Bomb -Sleepy Body Lotion -Sleepy Shower Gel -Twilight Body Spray -Sleepy Bubble Bar -Organic Cotton Eye Mask (gift exclusive)

£50.00/ €64.00 each

Happily Ever After

This Christmas gift includes a luxurious and uplifting selection of shower and body care products. Wrapped up in handmade paper and printed with gold foil for the ultimate luxury!


Contents: -Golden Pear Body Scrub -Plum Duff Shower Gel -Lemon Zest Soap -Silver Bells Shower Bomb -Repeat Foot Balm -Pansy Body Lotion -Yog Nog Shower Gel -Jason And The Argan Oil Shampoo Bar -Golden Pineapple Lip Scrub -Gorgeous Moisturiser Sample

£60.00/ €77.00 each

Fairy Christmas

This Christmas gift is perfect for any serious Snow Fairy fans, with a selection of seven sweet scented products to make all of your Snow Fairy wishes come true!


Contents: Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar Snow Fairy 250g Shower Gel Snow Fairy Bath Bomb Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Snow Fairy Body Spray Fairy Dust Dusting Powder Snow Fairy Soap

£60.00/ €78.00 each

12 Days of Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas my Lush love gave to me…seasonally scented shower and bath products to keep you going into the new year!


Contents: -Yog Nog Shower Gel -Orange Pop Bath Bomb -Baked Alaska Soap -Jolly Shower Gel -Golden Pineapple Lip Scrub -The Golden Pudding Bath Bomb -Candy Cane Resuable Bubble Bar -Lime Bounty Body Butter -Cinnamon Roll Bubble Bar -North Pole Bubble Bar -Golden Pear Body Scrub -Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb

£75.00/ €97.50 each

The Art of Christmas Bathing

This is the ultimate Christmas gift for any Lush bathing fanatic! Containing 4 all year round best sellers, and 16 from the limited edition Christmas range.


Contents: -I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas Bath Bomb -Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb -Butterbear Bath Bomb -Sleepy Bear Bath Bomb -The Golden Pudding Bath Bomb -Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb -Twilight Bath Bomb -Hey! Hollywood! Bath Bomb -Jingle Bells Bath Bomb -Snowball Bath Bomb -You Shall Go To The Ball Bath Bomb -Intergalactic Bath Bomb -Snow Fairy Bath Bomb -Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar -Sleepy Bubble Bar -Candy Cane Resuable Bubble Bar -Cinnamon Roll Bubble Bar -Rainbow Bubble Bar -Orange Pop Bath Bomb -North Pole Bubble Bar

£100.00/ €130.00 each



This Christmas gift is a real celebration of our 2021 Christmas range in one box. A must for any Lush fans!


Contents: -I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas Bath Bomb -Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb -Butterbear Bath Bomb -Sleepy Bear Bath Bomb -The Golden Pudding Bath Bomb -Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb -Snow Fairy Bath Bomb -Hey! Hollywood! Bath Bomb -Orange Pop Bath Bomb -Jingle Bells Bath Bomb -Snowball Bath Bomb -You Shall Go To The Ball Bath Bomb -Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar -North Pole Bubble Bar -Cinnamon Roll Bubble Bar -Snow Fairy Shower Gel -Jolly Shower Gel -Yog Nog Shower Gel -Plum Duff Shower Gel -Golden Pear Body Scrub -Rudolf Nose Shower Bomb -Silver Bells Shower Bomb -Fairy Dust Dusting Powder -Galaxy Lip Scrub -Golden Pineapple Lip Scrub -Snow Fairy Soap -Baked Alaska Soap -Polar Bear Soap -Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Snow Fairy Body Spray -Lord Of Misrule Shower Gel -Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar

£185.00/ €240.00

Lush knot wraps, lokta wraps & product holders…

Woodland Patchwork knot wrap

A patchwork of foraged food and wild woodland creatures brings together playful paintings of the natural world with a love of pattern and storytelling. Designed by Lisa Trim, an artist from the Intoart collective. 

Intoart is a collective of artists and designers with learning disabilities working from their studio in Peckham, London. They undertake ambitious design collaborations and artistic commissions.


£4 / €5.50 each

Letters to Santa knot wrap

The design was inspired by letters children write to Santa before Christmas. 

Everyone involved in the design of the collection has created their own stamp artwork which is on this design. This also features design taken from the main collection.


£5 / €6.75 each


Designed in house by artworker Lili Thomas.

£4 / €5.50 each


£5 / €6.75 each

Elves Workshop knot wrap

Designed in house by Kate Stelfox from Lush York.


£4 / €5.50 each

Snow Fairy knot wrap

£5 / €6.75 each

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree knot wrap

£9/ €12 each

Twilight knot wrap

Designed by Sally Kelly.

£12 / €15 each

Togetherness knot wrap

Made in collaboration with Rocket Artists 30 Rockets were invited to consider what ‘togetherness’ meant while we worked from home during lockdown. Everyone created an image and chose where it might go in the collective design. This layout is based on a design by Richard Morris.

Rocket Artists are an artist-led group who believe everyone should have access to the arts.

£5 / €6.75 each

Happy Together knot wrap

Designed by Hannah Thomas along with contributions from fellow artists at Arthouse Unlimited. 

ARTHOUSE Unlimited presents the artistic talents of adults living with learning and physical difficulties all of whom require various levels of support. The artists work alongside instructors to create artworks which are developed into designer products for sale.

£5 / €6.75 each

Snow Fairy lokta wrap

Lokta wraps are an alternative to traditional paper wrapping. Customers can wrap a 30ml perfume, 100g pot, 100ml shower gel or a standard size bath bomb for a personalised gift.

£1.50 / €2 each


This paper made from Lokta plant bark is handmade and hand-dyed in Bastipur, Nepal.

£1.50 / €2 each

Build An Elf lokta wrap

£1.50 / €2 each

Christmas Pudding lokta wrap

£1.50 / €2 each

CHRISTMAS TREE bath bomb holder

£1.50 / €2.00 each


£1.50 / €2.00 each


£2.00 / €2.50 each

CHRISTMAS PRESENT product holder

£2.00 / €2.50 each

SANTA’S SPACESHIP product holder

£1.50 / €2.00 each

Santa’s Sleigh product holder

£2.50 / €3.00 each

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