New 4:20pm CBD Bath Bomb : It’s Time

Introducing cleansing bath time divinity

On Saturday 26th December Lush will introduce the much anticipated 4:20pm CBD bath bomb and Botanomancy bubble bar to their product range. 

Previously teased on Lush Product Inventor, Jack Constantine’s instagram, each of these new products contain beautiful essential oils including cannabidiol (CBD) to promote wellbeing and relaxation. Both products will be available from and in shops nationwide.

Full product and ingredient FAQS can be found here.

4:20pm CBD bath bomb £6.95

It’s time for a benefit-infused bath at 4:20pm. Set your alarm for 4:20pm and enjoy a moment of escapism as you drift off in bath waters of green and pink. An afternoon soak in the bath can aid rest, elevate mood, help focus and provide self care. Add this smoky sandalwood, patchouli and cannabidiol bath bomb into the mix you’re sure to discover your reset button.

Botanomancy bubble bar £7.95

Super natural relaxation. Legendary belle Ninon de Lenclos was said to soak in a blend of beautifying herbs to maintain her youthful vigour. You can invoke a little herbal alchemy of your own by drawing a bath full of lavender, mint and rose petals to quell agitation and promote wellbeing. Take a truly sensorial dip in woodsmoky waters perfumed with patchouli, sandalwood and cannabidiol oils to escape stress.

How to use: Crumble under the hot water tap to conjure up clouds of bubbles, and steep in peaceful evergreen waters. If you’d like to follow Madam de Lenclos’ precise example, she advised resting 15 minutes in the magic water and thinking virtuous thoughts.

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For further information on 4:20pm CBD bath bomb or Botanomancy bubble bar, please email [email protected]

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