9 gourmand fragrances to nail the trend

If you want to smell like a snack, Lush has you covered! 

New limited edition products and tasty classics to sweeten skin and hair. Between notes of vanilla, caramel, popcorn and cocoa, Lush has a whole palate of scents to leave you looking and feeling as delicious as you will smell! 

Viral sensations, Supermilk conditioning spray and Let The Good Times Roll body spray have been known to leave you feeling like a whole snack, with fragrant notes of baked goods, popcorn and vanilla. Now, Lush are offering a new bunch of mouthwatering, snackable scents for you to sink your teeth into (but not quite literally).

The sweet and reassuring notes of multi-sensory ingredients, such as vanilla and caramel instantly conquer not only the sense of smell and sight, but they also stimulate taste. The scent is transformed into an emotional reward, into a time travel, where the mind finds memories and transports you into a dimension of pure well-being. 

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“Gourmand scents can link to food ingredients, and give real comfort in the same way we seek comfort food, and for some, this links with nostalgic memories”

Emma Vincent, Lush Perfumer

Super milk conditioning spray, £13.50-£23.50

Super Milk is a triple whammy of deliciously creamy almond, coconut, and oat milks delivering essential softness and rehydration for all kinds of hair, whether that’s on the go, or on day three of your style. With yummy vanilla and sweet tonka, this nourishing and protective primer will leave you wanting more and more.

sticky dates shower gel, body scrub & body lotion, £8-£27

Scent can transform the beauty routine, with enigmatic and hypnotic aromas such as Sticky Dates shower gel, now also available as a body scrub and body lotion. This triple pleasure has cascades of date syrup and a sweet embrace of vanilla, to capture all the senses with a delightful caramelised scent.

scrubee body butter, £10

Get your skin sweet and bee happy with Scrubee! This indulgent and hydrating honey buffer can be used in the bath or shower, with ground coconut shell and almonds to scrub, plus cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil to nourish and moisturise. Be cautious leaving this irresistible treat unsupervised, you may find curious teeth marks in this one! 

power conditioner, £10-£27

Power conditioner deeply moisturises and strengthens hair from roots to ends, with almond oil to hydrate and maple syrup to give body to each lock, for a deliciously sweet scent. This repairing conditioner protects from heat, thanks to the combined action of ethyl macadamiate, obtained from macadamia nuts, and hydrolysed wheat proteins. 

cookie dough lip scrub, £7

With granulated sugar, extra-fine sea salt and a hydrating protective blend of shea butter and vanilla, Cookie Dough makes every kiss irresistible. The intriguing mix of almond essential oil and balsam fir resins and carob, fills the days with sweetness.

let the good times roll body spray, £25

Let The Good Times Roll is the comforting scent of home and freshly baked brioche bread. The fragrance of this body spray conquers and inebriates with the warm and buttery notes of popcorn that blends with soft gourmand harmonies… wearing it is a delight!

yummy custard body wash, £9-£18

buy yummy custard

Our secret recipe for soft skin really is the crème de la crème. Yummy Custard is made with soothing vanilla-infused oat milk and skin-velvetising corn starch. These vanilla pods are soaked in fresh oat milk for around 20 minutes for a rich, decadent scent- you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d opened a pot of dessert in the shower! 

frangipani perfume, £70

Frangipani perfume is full of sandalwood and almond oils that lean into florals before a moreish, smoky guaiac wood finish. This noble blend of sweet frangipani will revive and fuel creative tendencies, whilst smelling like a delicious cherry bakewell snack. Inspired by a wildly sweet and spicy fragrance for perfuming gloves, originally created by the mythical Roman noble, Marquis of Frangipani. 

glen cocoa fresh face mask, £10

The Glen Cocoa face mask cares for the skin with rich almond butter, absorbent cocoa powder and absolute essence of violet. Moisturising and decadent, it is perfect for delighting all the senses.

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