How do you want to feel?

Inside the reimagined Lush Spa treatment which lets you choose your mood

  • New spa treatment invites clients to pick one of 11 ‘intentions’ depending on how they want to feel – from energetic, to peaceful
  • A uniquely choreographed, 80-minute full body massage (£150) which stimulates all five senses
  • Available at all eight Lush Spa locations across the UK

Can scents and sounds set your mood? Lush’s latest spa treatment attempts to do just that, based on a perceptual phenomenon called ‘synaesthesia’ which has been found to affect around 4% of the UK’s population.

Available at Lush’s eight UK spas, Synaesthesia is both the name of the treatment, and of a rare trait during which the stimulation of one sense triggers another; for example seeing a colour and experiencing a taste, or smelling a fragrance and seeing a shape.

Lush’s signature treatment has been reimagined for 2023 to reflect a post-pandemic world, in which people face new challenges and emotions. At the beginning of the treatment, the client picks one of 11 intentions – they may be looking to find their sense of ‘belonging’, enjoy ‘simplicity’, or step forward with ‘hope’ for the future.

This 80-minute full-body massage (£150) stimulates all five senses, harnessing the power of touch, colour, scent and taste, while integrating a powerful piece of music specifically made by Lush for the treatment, featuring a 52-piece orchestra and English bird song, 

A unique take on fragrance therapy, each intention pairs with its own scent, which is delivered through an essential oil-infused massage bar used throughout the treatment, and a bath bomb which fills the room with fragrance.

To encourage clients to continue their intention long after the treatment is over, each takes home an additional bath bomb as a gift. Each of the 11 different bath bombs has a secret poem inside which is released when dissolved in the bath.

Jody Bailey, Treatment Developer at Lush Spa, said:

“Synaesthesia is an extraordinary way of experiencing life. Once we realised it was possible to create a taste through touch, or a feeling through scent, the possibilities of this treatment really came to life. 

“Lush co-founder Mark Constantine had a huge amount of involvement in the creation of this treatment – Mark’s synaesthesia means he sees shapes and colours when he smells things, which is part of the reason Lush is so well-known for its unique fragrances!

“The aim of the treatment is to merge all of the client’s senses through colour, touch, scent, sound and more – to instil their chosen intention in them. It’s science, with just a touch of magic!”

Synaesthesia (£150 for 80 minutes plus consultation before and afterwards) is available at Lush Spa Bath, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London (Oxford Street) and Poole from Thursday 29 June.

Notes to Editor:

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About Lush Spa:

The Lush Spa is an oasis of calm on the high street, with immersive spa experiences designed to transform, rejuvenate and revive. Lush Spa treatments are all powered by Lush’s fresh, handmade products, combined with soothing touch, exclusive music, and a hint of surprise, to treat the mind and body and leave people feeling their best selves.

UK Lush Spa locations include Bath, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London (Oxford Street) and Poole.

Lush Spa treatments include The Good Hour, Synaesthesia, Tailor Made, The Spell, The Comforter, Hard Days Night Treatment, Renaissance, Tangled Hair, Tales of Bath, Validation Facial, Fresh Facial, The Energiser and Karma.

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