Launching February 22nd 2022

A new and improved Henna range, with refreshed shades that offer more true-to-tone results and greater coverage!

Twenty years after the invention of the Lush henna brick, Lush HairLab Technician & Colour Specialist Daisy Evans has reformulated the cult product range to give greater coverage and the best hair dye experience! Whilst creating a brand new shade to join the line up.

There’s more to Henna than meets the eye

Henna Timeline:

|1977: Constantine and Weir Launched

Offering herbal hair care and natural dye services, Mark hosted henna parties in 29 High St, Poole.

|1980s: Mark supplies the Body Shop with henna blends

Mark sent henna shampoo samples to The Body Shop who placed an order for £1572.75

|1992: Cosmetics to Go opens!

The Body Shop bought the rights to all products made by Constantine and Weir, so they created a mail order business.

|1993: Really Cookin’ range

CTG sold fresh henna treatments that needed refrigeration and used within 2 weeks.

|1994: Cosmetics to go

But the story doesn’t stop there

|1995: LUSH opens!
|1998: LUSH sells pre-made henna treatments

Sold like ice cream, newly opened LUSH Kingston sold out the day they launched

|2001: Helen invents LUSH’s henna bricks

A massive innovation: packaging free, self-preserving hair dye. Inspired by tea bricks

|2020-2021: Henna Bricks are reformulated

Daisy, Mark, and Helen revisit the bricks to improve coverage, create a wider pantone of warm and cool shades and introduce a new shade for fairer hair



Q) Is Lush henna natural?

Yes! The reformulated Lush henna bricks are composed of 100% natural ingredients, including the highest quality Iranian henna and indigo, and herbs and essential oils. 


Q) Will long term Lush henna users notice a different colour outcome? 

Long-standing lovers and users of our henna can expect the same shade that they are used to, but with better coverage. The henna bricks have been reformulated to offer more true-to-tone results, with cooler tones in Brun and Noir and richer reds in Rouge and Marron.


Q) I’ve had a black henna tattoo before – is it safe for me to use Lush henna? 

Black henna is a dangerous adulterated blend of henna and paraphenylenediamine (also known as PPD): an ingredient used in permanent hair dyes to create dark shades. It has high allergy-inducing potential (which is why box hair dyes will always warn you to do a patch test). The amount of PPD allowed in commercial and professional dyes is strictly regulated in the UK and EU, but black henna tattoos contain dangerously high levels of this ingredient to give the design a darker colour and make it last longer. If you have ever had a black henna tattoo you may have been sensitised to PPD-containing products without your knowledge and should be very careful using synthetic hair dyes.

Lush henna does not contain any PPD or similar contaminants meaning it is safe to use if you have had a black henna tattoo in the past. We also regularly test our henna to ensure it has not been adulterated.


Q) I’ve had a reaction to synthetic hair dye before, is it safe for me to use Lush henna?

Henna is a wonderful alternative hair dye for people who have allergies to synthetic dyes. The ingredient has an incredibly long history of use and your chance of being allergic to it is very low indeed (unless you have a genetic condition called G6PD Deficiency in which case you should not use henna.)  However, if you are concerned, you can conduct a patch test by applying a small amount of Lush henna paste to your forearm, leaving it for two hours before removing, then waiting for 96 hours to ensure you have no redness or irritation. 


Q) Where can I find How To Use instructions for henna?

We have now supplied How To Use instructions with a handy QR code for application advice printed on the inside of the new henna packaging! These instructions will also be available online here.


Q) Can henna cover grey hair?

It is important to know that henna does not have the ability to offer complete grey coverage. By pre-pigmenting the hair (applying Rouge as a base before applying your chosen henna shade), you will be able to achieve greater coverage for grey hair 


Q) Does the new shade Venitien lighten hair?

No. Venitien works the same as all other henna shades and does not lighten the hair. It deposits a warm strawberry blonde tone over fair heads of hair. If you plan on bleaching your hair afterwards, there may be complications. Therefore, visiting a professional colourist for a strand test of bleach will inform them and you of the best process to lightening the hair after using Venitien. 


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