Calling all Lush fans! How to buy…

There’s now even more ways to stock up your favourite winter treats this Christmas.


To help make sure festivities are merry and bright, Lush are offering an abundance of ways for customers to shop with them this year.

From virtual gifting consultations from the comfort of your living room, local delivery services and Lush Collect to the festive Lush Times, Lush’s shoppable catalogue using phone technology. Lush is here to ensure everyone is able to get their favourite fresh handmade treats whenever they need them, and to stay safe and cosy this Christmas.

Unlike most high street brands we make our products in Britain, so we can make more as and when necessary to satisfy demand.

Mark Constantine, Lush Co-Founder and MD

Lush Local Delivery Services

Lush Local is a delivery service that brings your favourite winter gifts and products directly to your door, contact-free. To see if this service is available in your local Lush shop, simply contact them via phone, email or send a direct message to them via Instagram.

Virtual Consultations

Book yourself in for a Virtual Consultation with a member of the team at your local Lush shop to discuss and demonstrate gift and product ranges and discover what will work best for you based on your individual needs. 

Virtual consultations can also be arranged via the Personal Shopper feature on the #LushLabs app that allows customers across the UK and Ireland to connect with shop teams within a couple of clicks. 

Once customers have completed their virtual consultations, they can either place their order and pay over the phone through the Lush customer care team, shop online or shop directly in store.

Lush Collect

Simply let your local Lush shop know what products and gifts you would like to purchase and when, and they will prepare them in-store for you to collect and pay for.

The Lush App

The Lush App has had a makeover and will be relaunching in the UK.

For the first time, the Lush app will contain the Lush Lens feature designed by Lush’s in house tech R&D team to offer customers a packaging-free and contact-free shopping experience. Users can use the scan function by aiming their phone at the product they’re interested in to browse product information whilst in store, at home and even via the storefront window. This means Lush can continue to cut the wrap, whilst ensuring the customer still gets all the information they need to choose the right product. Especially useful for ensuring the highest levels of inclusive customer service during times of social distancing.

The Lush Times

Lush’s shoppable catalogue using phone technology. Featuring an abundance of articles and shopping pages, pick up your copy in store today and peruse at your leisure from home. Simply scan the icons at the corner of each page using the Lush Labs app, which will direct you through to the product page on the Lush website to order directly.

To place your order or arrange your unique shopping experience with Lush this Christmas, simply contact your local Lush shop via phone, email or send a direct message to them via Instagram.

To find your local Lush shop, please click here.

To keep up to date and be the first to know about further exciting Lush Christmas announcements, customers can subscribe to the Lush Newsletter. 

For further information on ways to shop with Lush, please email [email protected]

To view the Lush Christmas range, please click here for the Lush Christmas PR hub.

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