Lush on ASOS

On 7th June 2021 we will be launching 17 Lush product kits, plus 4 shampoo bars, for sale on ASOS. ASOS is a British online fashion and cosmetic retailer. The website sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories, and ships all over the world.  This will be the first time we’ve partnered with another company to sell products and reach potentially massive new audiences. Our boxes will be available to ship to all countries except for MENA and partner market countries. 

A year in the making, this collaboration aims to help put Lush where the customers are, and leave them loving Lush and embracing the products and ethics that drive us.


We’re all familiar with the Secret Lush Masterplan, and we all know we want to be number one in every category, help create a cosmetic revolution and Leave the World Lusher than we found it. But we also know we cannot do that alone, by growing a network of people and brands we will increase our reach and our ability to achieve our plan. 

Active users on ASOS amount to over 24 million, compared to Lush’s 1.5 million. Like selecting a prominent high street or shopping centre, we know ASOS is a prominent digital platform where customers in their millions are shopping, so we wanted to sell a selection of our hero products, and those items we know should be hero ones, on there.  The aim is to introduce the ASOS audience to wonderful, effective Lush products and hopefully make them curious to learn more about our other products and us as a business.  As Mark has previously stated: “For the sake of the environment, we NEED to be number one” in the cosmetics industry. 

Ethical Consumer gives ASOS an Ethiscore of 8. This was one of the highest scores of all clothing brands in their report. ASOS is in the top 10% of UK companies who have a handle on what’s happening with their supply chains. In comparison John Lewis clothing gets a 5, M&S and Next get a 6, Zara gets an 8 and Patagonia at the top of the table gets a 12/13 (Lush is rated a 12). We consulted Ethical Consumer for their opinions on this partnership and Lush is currently having conversations with counterparts in ASOS to see if the two companies can learn from each others’ strengths and best practice across several areas:


Staff updates

As a staff member, you will also have received an email sharing various questions and responses on this collaboration. If you have not received the email, dated 2nd June 2021, let your manager know.