Lush Russia Update

An update on Lush in Russia, 10 March 2022

We have today suspended supply to our Russian Licensee and stopped our online sales into Russia. In order to secure the business we are also in the process of acquiring the Lush Ukraine shares not currently held by the group.

We are communicating daily with our Russian and Ukrainian colleagues as events unfold. Our Russian and Ukrainian businesses are Associate companies, both 65% owned by a Russian citizen who had built the business over 20 years to 48 shops in Russia and 15 in Ukraine, employing over 600 staff who share the Lush values of environmental protection, animal rights, social justice and peace.

With the Ukrainian shops obviously closed and worldwide sanctions taking effect in Russia the business prospects are bleak, but do not pose a material risk to the Group.

Our overarching goal is to stand with Ukraine and with all people of peace in the region. Our short-term goal is to provide a relief fund to help our Ukrainian colleagues in the current situation.

In addition to this we are currently using Charity Pot funds and contacts on the ground in Ukraine, and at the borders of surrounding countries, giving grants to those citizens who are joining together to provide food, shelter and support. For example, we have been successful in getting support to a hotel providing accommodation for unaccompanied children who have been evacuated from districts being shelled, a charity providing support to 3 children’s hospitals, local resident groups who are getting food and water into bomb shelters or feeding those isolated at home and animal charities who are acting as an emergency service for injured and stranded animals.

We stand for peace and join the global community calling for an immediate ceasefire and the protection of all lives.

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