Lush Anti-Social Media Policy

Lush Anti-Social Media Policy

  • We want to use all the latest communication tools and developments which enable us to interact with our customers and the wider world.
  • We wish to connect with our customers as directly as possible – without this interaction being unduly controlled by third parties.
  • We want to be able to trust external platforms to provide their services in a clear and transparent way that does not hide their true commercial functions or revenue streams.
  • We wish to only use platforms and services that do their very best to protect users from harassment, harm and manipulation.
  • We do not want to participate on platforms that use visitor data in unpublished ways.
  • We favour platforms that do not use algorithms that target users with negative content, fake news, or extreme viewpoints in order to boost engagement, clicks and shares.
  • Like any other addictive pastime, we wish platforms to design their product to minimise the risk of overuse and encourage healthy usage patterns.
  • The choice of platforms we use for communications will change over time as new platforms and services become available, but will always take the above considerations and concerns into account when making our choices.

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