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Annual Awards

Lush Annual Awards

Frack Free Gloucestershire

Over recent years Lush has been able to offer an additional level of funding for groups that we respect and have a good relationship with. Our Annual Awards were created in 2011 as a way of giving unrestricted funding to several groups we know and trust; giving longer-term support rather than our typical one-off grants. This means that we are able to provide extra support to groups we feel are making a vital contribution to social change. 

There is no application process for the Annual Awards. Groups are chosen by our founders and directors and usually provide an insight into the current focus of our grassroots giving. These groups will often have a history with Lush and we are passionate about the work they are doing. 

The number of groups Lush supports through our Annual Awards varies from year to year, and more information about previous recipients can be found on our website.

In our financial year 2018-19 we gave £20,000 each to:

Sea Shepherd Global


Animal Protection Agency

War on Want

Frack Off

Refugee Community Kitchen

Hunt Saboteurs

Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance (COPS)

Campaign for Better Transport

Police Spies Out of Lives


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