Covid-19 Risk Assessment Statement

Covid-19 Risk Assessment Statement 2020

We can all agree the last few months have been pretty crazy. However, a new normal is emerging and we wanted to share some good news with you!

Over the recent weeks we have listened and carefully considered the Government’s advice daily in all territories in which we operate to understand how we can continue to operate going forward.

We are so excited to share with you that our stores are now open for business and seeing some amazing sales as we welcome back Lush fans around the world. We want to say a massive thank you to all our staff who have helped prepare our stores for re-opening and ensure they are safe for everyone.

Lush is committed to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of all our incredible employees, customers and visitors to our premises including our stores, offices and manufacturing warehouses. As part of our re-opening process we have conducted Covid-19 related risk assessments in our stores, offices and manufacturing warehouses and put measures in place to protect our staff and customers and we would like to share our findings with you. We have worked with and listened to our staff who are the best people to understand the risks in the workplace and implemented changes and protective measures that make sure they can work safely.

Risk Assessment Findings:

The results of the risk assessments we have carried out conclude that we are compliant with the Government guidance in the markets in which we operate, and that and that we have put extensive control measures in place to minimise the risk posed by COVID-19 across all areas of our business. We continue to review these measures and inform, instruct and train staff across the Lush business as the Government guidance continues to evolve.

Control measures we have introduced in our stores:

All our stores are observing social distancing guidance and access to our stores has been restricted to reflect this, with some still trading as a kiosk at their entrance. One-way systems are marked out in tape where needed, as well as spaced intervals for queuing outside our High Street stores. We have installed till screens in every store and customers are invited to wash their hands with a slice of one of our luxurious soaps or use hand sanitiser when entering the store. Lush posters are displayed at the front of each of our stores to guide you through the changes we have made to your shopping experience.

Our English and Welsh stores are displaying the NHS track and trace QR codes for customers to scan when entering our stores.

Our staff have been provided with a face covering or a visor to wear as per government guidance. A cleaning regime has also been implemented to sanitise any frequently touched areas to ensure hygiene standards are maintained throughout and that our customers can enjoy their Lush experience in a clean and safe environment.

Control measures we have introduced in our offices and manufacturing warehouses:

As Government guidance remains in place, our staff numbers are restricted with many teams still working from home. Members of staff who have returned to our offices and manufacturing warehouses are following social distancing guidelines and workspaces have been marked accordingly to reflect this, except where this is not possible in which case screens have been installed, production methods have been reassessed and visors and masks have been issued.

We have also implemented changes to the working hours of some of our staff to allow for more people to return to work safely, with working areas being cleaned between each shift. Each office has a sign-in system for track and trace purposes, and all staff and visitors must wash their hands or use hand sanitiser when entering a Lush building. Face coverings are provided to staff who need them for public transport and travel packs are being provided to staff who need to travel for their role.

With these measures in place, we trust we are doing all we can to provide a safe working environment and ensure the health and wellbeing of all our staff, visitors and customers.

Ongoing review of the health and safety of our premises:

The risk assessments and guidance will be reviewed and updated as relevant information becomes available, and we will continue to consult with our staff on a regular basis. Our aim is to ensure everybody’s health, safety and wellbeing is protected, and that we continue to identify and minimise risk at the earliest opportunity.

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