Freedom of movement

We believe in the freedom of movement and that all are welcome, always

In 2018, Lush updated our We Believe statement for the first time, ever.

We are so convinced that restricting freedom of movement is so damaging, both for people and ecosystems that we have added the declaration “’We believe that all people should enjoy freedom of movement across the world’ to the business’ ‘We Believe’ statement.

Many of Lush’s current staff and employees of the future consider themselves global citizens, and we will continue to fight for their right to freedom of movement.

We employ staff globally and inclusively. Our UK factory is based in Poole where 45% of our current staff are British and 55% are not. Every August to December we employ an additional 1,400 people to meet Christmas demand and deeply value and depend on people from outside the UK filling these roles. With only 3,000 people in the entire Dorset county currently claiming Job Seekers’ Allowance, we otherwise have a very small pool of local people to fill these roles.


of our manufacturing staff are from outside Britain

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