Lush Launch New Vegan Christmas Perfumes and Personalised Perfume Gifting Experiences


  • Personalised gifting consultations available in Lush shops nationwide and global Lush Perfume Libraries
  • Two Perfume Library exclusive fragrances launch online and in Lush shops nationwide this Christmas
  • The launch of Lush’s first ever activist perfume, Grassroots available all year round from 22nd October

Perfume has the unique ability to whisk us away to magical locations far beyond our own four walls. Wherever you’re looking to be transported to this festive season, Lush’s range of cruelty-free and vegan perfumes made with the finest essential oils are just the ticket…

Personalised Lush Perfume Gifting

Those looking for a bespoke perfume gift this Christmas can visit their local Lush shop or one of Lush’s global Perfume Libraries for a one-to-one perfume gifting consultation suited directly to the needs of the person they are buying for.

NEW! Perfumes for Christmas

For the first time, Lush will be launching two vegan perfumes in Lush shops nationwide as part of the Christmas range. Previously only available in Lush Perfume Libraries, Frangipani perfume, which features in the Renaissance Lush Spa Treatment and Fresh As perfume will be available online from 23rd September and in Lush shops from 24th September.

Complete your exquisite purchase by wrapping your gift with one of Lush’s perfume Knot Wraps (£4.00 each), a reusable fabric gift wrap. Lush perfume consultations are complimentary and available on a walk-in basis.

Meet the perfumes...

Frangipani (£35 for 30ml/ £70 for 100ml / £10 for solid perfume)

The legacy (or myth) of the Marquis of Frangipani: a delicate dusting of sweet almond used to fragrance gloves. Across the ocean, a flower bearing a similar scent had not yet been discovered, but would eventually inherit the Frangipani name. 

Fresh As (£25 for 30ml/ £50 for 100ml/ £10 for solid)

Grassy meadows and Siberian pines, the morning after heavy rain. Earthy orris serenely takes control of the urban landscape, leaving in its wake a renaissance floral garden.

Activist Perfume … A floral fragrance that does a whole lot of good.

Alongside the two new Christmas exclusive perfumes, Lush will also be launching their first ever activist perfume, Grassroots from 22nd October in the UK Lush Perfume Libraries and online, and online in Italy and Germany (to follow in the Perfume Libraries in Italy and Germany, along with Perfume Libraries and online in Japan, Korea and Russia). All proceeds (minus the VAT) go towards helping small grassroots organisations continue their work on the ground creating real lasting change.

Grassroots perfume (£50 for 100ml)

Grassroots has the same scent as Charity Pot hand & body lotion. At first spritz soft floral notes reveal themselves, before warm undertones unfurl. Four essential oils work in accord, each with their own unique story.  Regeneratively grown with local communities, this sensitive balance of rose-like Kenyan geranium, uplifting Ghanaian ylang ylang, Madagascan vanilla and fragrant rosewood is held in organic ethanol, so that you can smell good while doing more.

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For further information on the Lush Perfume or for interview opportunities with Lush Perfumer, Emma Dick, please email [email protected]

About Lush Perfume 

Perfumery for Lush has always been a medium of expression in an artistic and unadulterated manner. Inspired by art, poetry and culture, fine fragrances are blended using the world’s best essential oils and absolute. Each fragrance acts as a hallmark in Lush’s perfume history and showcases the love of fine fragrance by Lush’s perfumers.  

The Lush Perfume Library 

A centre of excellence for perfumery and fine fragrance, Lush Perfume Libraries house a collection of fine fragrances from the Lush archives, new fragrances and books on perfumery. There are currently nine Lush Perfume Libraries globally (including Birmingham, Liverpool and London’s Oxford Street).