Advent Calendar 2020: Available to pre-order

The Lush Advent Calendar is here!



  • Available to pre-order from Thursday 27th August 
  • Handmade in the UK using reusable and recyclable packaging
  • 24 vegan products – featuring a combination of products from different ranges including best sellers, 6 exclusive retro products and 3 exclusive products


On Thursday 27th August Lush customers will be able to pre-order Lush’s limited edition Advent Calendar (£185) for Christmas 2020. The pre-order will be available exclusively online from the Lush website. Orders will then be dispatched to customers in November.

Beautifully presented in a reusable handmade case made from 100% recycled materials, each Lush Advent Calendar contains 24 vegan products to discover and use every day and night on the lead up to Christmas day. Including 6 retro products from Lush Christmas past and 3 new products that are exclusively available in Lush gifts. 

Inspired by a magical nighttime garden, the Lush Advent Calendars elegant artwork design was created by London based designer, Sally Kelly. Sally has previously worked on new gift designs for Lush, everything she turns her hand to is distinguished by her free-flowing linework, exquisite sense of colour and richly appreciative eye for detail.

For our 2020 Advent Calendar we wanted to give customers another unique gifting experience. The same considerations have been made as last year, with the goal to create a lasting piece of packaging which has a life way beyond Christmas. The packaging design has taken inspiration from a vintage luggage trunk, aiming to conjure the same magic as Mary Poppins carpet bag. The layers inside the box, which reveal the 24 day countdown, can be taken out for storing your Lush products or anything else you’d like.

Suzie Hackney, Lush Creative Direction

The Lush gifts team always strives to introduce the most environmental materials …

Did you know that as much thought goes into where the packaging of your Lush gift boxes is sourced as the ingredients inside? The reusable Advent Calendar case is handmade in the UK using 100% recycled cardboard. The case also features ribbons made 100% from recycled drinks bottles. 

To reuse packaging, simply remove the two layers from within the case once the countdown to Christmas is complete. The metal clasps will then fix the lid into place and the handles on the side allow you to use the case like a luggage trunk.

Gift includes: Candy Cane bubble bar, Christmas Eve bubble bar, Bombardino bath bomb – Retro Satsumo Santa bath bomb, Abombinaball bath bomb, Ponche shower gel, Salt and Peppermint Bark, Dream Cream body lotion, Sakura Body lotion, Coconut Snow Body lotion, Orange Shower Scrub, Celebrate Body Milk, Yog Nog Shower Gel, Sleepy Shower Cream, Candy Cane lip scrub, Shooting Stars Gift soap, Golden Pear Soap, Kinky Boots bubble bar, Sleepy bubble bar, Twilight bath bomb, Golden Wonder bath bomb, I want a Hippo bath bomb, Snow Fairy shampoo bar, Fresh As perfume


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For further information on the Lush Advent Calendar, please email [email protected]

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About Lush Gifts

When you buy a Lush gift, you’re having a positive impact on the world – you’re saying no to excess single-use plastic; you’re supporting communities and artisans who’ve made the Knot Wraps, ribbons, and natural papers; you’re buying products with beautiful ingredients that regenerate social and eco-systems. 

Large or small, each Lush gift is carefully thought out and crafted, from the handmade treats nestled inside, to the final tie of the ribbon. It’s Lush’s hope that by paying so much attention to every aspect from box to bath, the lucky recipient has extra incentive to keep the boxes, reuse the wrapping paper or upcycle the ribbons.

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