The Lush Spa shop on 18 rue Vieille du Temple (Paris 4th arrondissement) opens its doors again after a renovation into the brand’s first Fresh & Flowers shop in the world.

Fresh is part of Lush’s heritage and is at the heart of the brand’s philosophy who have  been offering the freshest cosmetics on the market in every way for the past 24 years. Now they are taking the creativity and years of expertise in this area one step further again and  opening their latest concept – Fresh & Flowers – in Paris on 30th October 2019.  

The new shop is inspired by the love French people have for fresh products bought at the  market or in a Boulangerie. Offering an array of innovative and effective products for face,  body and hair, without preservatives and some individually prepared by the team in the  shop, Lush want to give customers the opportunity to adopt a fresh lifestyle and shop for the  best, freshest cosmetics available. These products are the result of years of development in  creating short life cosmetics from natural ingredients.  

Following on from the recently opened permanent florists in Liverpool and Tokyo, the brand are also excited to bring this concept permanently to Paris and will be selling locally sourced  and seasonal bouquets alongside fresh cosmetics in the exclusive store in Le Marais.

Fresh Matters

Lush products have always been formulated from whole fruits and vegetables as well as  fresh flowers.The benefits they have on our skin are numerous. 

Fresh means using the highest quality ingredients on your skin when they will have the most benefit (before they begin to degrade and lose their efficacy). Lush choose to prioritise high quality, self-preserving ingredients that work with your skin’s microflora over highly preserved products that eradicate it in favour of a longer shelf life.  

Lush make small batches using as few synthetic preservatives as possible that leave the  factory within 28 days to ensure the customer is getting the very best product possible. The Fresh & Flowers shop will have its own freshness policy, with some products having  to be used the very same day!  

Flower Power

A fresh innovation, Lush Flowers are seasonal, local, traceable and responsibly packaged  using 100% compostable packaging. The Fresh and Flowers shop in Paris will be growing a  network of local French suppliers who are on a journey to the same goals. One such supplier  is the ‘Fleurs de Cocagne’ charity. They produce, manufacture and market locally in Île de  France ethical and organic flower bouquets and also contribute to equality between men and  women by offering supportive and dynamic work experience. 

All Lush Flower arrangements will look different depending on the season and the range of  flowers available locally. In addition, bouquets will also feature an array of herbs, ivy and  willow – beautiful foliage you wouldn’t typically find in your local florists. 

The shop will also sell a small selection of potted versions of Lush’s beautiful ingredients.

A new shopping experience

With awareness of plastic pollution at an all time high, Lush’s newest concept will host a  selection of plastic packaging-free options to your favourite cosmetics. 

And, rather than scanning labels for information, visitors to the shop will instead be able to  scan these naked products directly using the #LushLabs app, replacing packaging with a  digital solution. Lush Lens is a feature on the app which enables Lush to reduce their  impact on the environment by using the phone’s camera and Machine Learning to recognise  products through the user’s smartphone camera, and give the customer detailed ingredient  information and ‘how to use’ demonstrations via the app. Currently available in five  languages – English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and French. 

Notes for Editors

The Lush Spa shop reopened with a new shop design composed of recycled materials and furniture to welcome this exclusive Parisian concept on 30th October 2019.


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