year of the dragon

Ignite your inner power with Lush this 2024 Lunar New Year

On 11th January 2024, Lush’s new Lunar New Year range launches in shops and online. The Inner Dragon Bath Bomb, Blooming Dragon Gift and Wild Spirits Knot Wrap are all inspired by dragons, to welcome a year of confidence and prosperity.

Lunar New Year is one of the biggest festivals in Asia that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Lunar calendar, filled with family reunions and heartwarming greetings. 

Lush cares about every one of its actions, innovations, and ingredients, and it’s driven to make products for every need, especially from authentic voices from different communities for cultural festivals. 

Dragons are the only mythical creatures among the 12 zodiacs – legendary figures in various cultures. It symbolises fearlessness, strength, and power and would never try to ingratiate societal expectations. Lush is a brand that is never afraid to stand out, bold, creative and unique, and never hesitates to be different from the rest of the industry, as it’s creating a cosmetic revolution and challenging the industry status quo. 

In this year of the dragon, Lush wants every customer to know that they are already as powerful as they are. Lush shall be a place for everyone to feel bold, authentic, and comfortable to be whoever they want without fear of judgement.

inner dragon bath bomb, £7.00 / €8.50

In Chinese folklore, dragons are typically seen holding a pearl in their claw or mouth, representing divinity and prosperity, and this New Year Dragon holds Lush’s Bath Bomb as a “pearl”! The ginger powder keeps you warm, while its citrusy and light fragrance will put a spring in your step.

In some cultures, people will avoid cutting their hair during the Lunar New Year in order not to risk cutting away their luck! So why not add Big Shampoo with the same scent from neroli and Sicilian red mandarin to keep your glorious locks bouncy and fresh!

blooming dragon gift, £18 / €22

This handy-sized Blooming Dragon gift suits all Lunar New Year gifting needs, from showering to bathing. Containing the Inner Dragon Bath Bomb and a gift-exclusive Celebrate Shower Gel, its lime and sweet wild orange are going to zest up your new year.

As a brand of many voices, Lush creates products for different cultures and does so in collaboration with their communities, celebrating authentic stories and experiences.

The gift packaging was designed by Hong Kong designer Bao Ho, born and based in Hong Kong. She is a self-taught artist who mainly loves freestyle work with murals and illustrations. She started her career in 2015 and later collaborated with various brands.

This design was her depiction of Dragons in Chinese fairy tales, printed on 100% recycled paper. The inner box is made of 100% recycled board filled with biodegradable eco-flo to keep your products safe.

wild spirit knot wrap, £6 / €7

The new Wild Spirit Knot Wrap, on which a majestic dragon roams amidst blossoms, embracing the untamed energy of the Lunar New Year, was also designed by Bao Ho.

It is made from 100% organic cotton and handcrafted by the artisans of Re-Wrap, a social enterprise in India focusing on environmental and social change. It’s perfect for wrapping single items such as Bath Bombs and reusing for sustainable wrapping, wearing or gifting.

In some Chinese fairy tales, the Dragon is the king of the sea which controls the rain and water. They bring the rain to people and the land. Giving life and helping plants grow. To me, they’re like a guardian of nature.

Bao Ho, lunar new year gift design artist

About Lush

Since establishing in 1995, Lush has been driven by innovation and its ethics. Creators of pioneering beauty products, one of Lush’s most well-known creations is the bath bomb. Invented in 1989 by Lush Co-Founder Mo Constantine in her garden shed, bath bombs have become a global sensation – all hand pressed in Lush’s own manufacturing sites across the world, Lush sold over 40.5 million last year.

A beauty company with a campaigning heart, Lush is on a mission to create a product for every need and a cosmetic revolution to save the planet. The ultimate goal is to leave the world Lusher than we found it. Lush operates a strict policy against animal testing and leads the cosmetics industry in combating over-packaging by developing products that can be sold ‘naked’ to the consumer. Lush Digital champions ethical hardware, ethical data, ethical design and open-source technologies and we support and elevate communities who feel the same.

Today, Lush operates in 52 countries with over 850 shops, 38 websites shipping worldwide and a global network of native apps, broadcasting channels and digital communities in over 30 languages.

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